3 Things That Teach Your Kids How to Embrace “Freedom of Expression”

This Independence Day, teach your kids how to learn in a whole new way! The best part about this approach to learning is that you will find everything you need, in your very own home that too, for free! Let explore more!

Kitchen utensils:

Now, of course you will not use anything sharp during this imaginary play, that goes without saying. But, kitchen utensils like spoons, spatulas make great tools to learn about the alphabets. You can also make abstract shapes with these utensils and engage in a game of “guess what?”. The possibilities are endless. Let your child be free while he or she plays and let them explore on their own. A lot of times, we as adults put boundaries on how to think and how not to. In the spirit of freedom, let your child be free, literally!

Recyclable paper:

Anything like newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, junk mail can be used to make works of art! Yes, you will get a nominal amount of money when you trade these items in but, think of the joy your child will get once he or she creates something on their own! From a simple paper boat to a collage of paper clips, let your child make the best use of recyclable materials. Boxes and cartons too are a fun addition. While your child is at play, don’t forget to teach him/her about the importance of recycling.

Bedsheets and pillows:

Pillow fights are fun but, what is even more fun is building a fort with pillows and blankets. You can make bridges and tepees too! This is something both kids and adults will like. So, if you have older kids, involve them too.
Who says you have to go to an exotic location to camp out? You can bring camp life right into your living room using a couple of blankets and pillows. And,, while you are camping, you can learn so much about nature, wildlife, the stars, the list
goes on.

The idea is to inspire creativity and allow freedom of thought and expression. These things are just to name a few. There are many other things around the house that your child can play with and learn from. Both parents as well as kids have to be active partners in the learning journey. The school as well as teachers add to the joy of learning by being the right guides. Some schools like Purple Turtle take this job very seriously by being the catalyst for change in the way teaching and education is perceived.

Purple Turtle preschools design their curriculum around the same concept which is ‘ learn by doing’. Every child that goes to this school comes back invigorated, ready to take on the world. One of the few preschools in India that believes in the uniqueness of each child, Purple Turtle preschool is where ‘thinking outside the box’ is the norm.
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Again Happy Independence day! It’s time to let the future of our country fly free!

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