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Both my sons went to Purple Turtle Pre-school and they loved it. Thanks for making my children feel so safe, supported, and loved. Now my youngest one will leave in 2019 and we're going to miss Purple Turtle. I think it's the best preschool for early childhood education.


Aman and Ayan's Mom, Jaipur

We don't have words to express how thankful we are to Purple Turtle Pre-school. Before Tanya got admitted to KG-I, she could barely speak a few words, and now she sings educational songs fluently. We love the interactive coursebooks.

Rohit & Sangeeta

Tanya's parents, Lucknow

I wanted to thank Purple Turtle for the wonderful pre-school experience for my son. The first time I visited Purple Turtle Pre-school and met the teachers I knew right at that moment that this would be a perfect place for my child. I'm so proud to see him make such amazing progress every day. A huge thank you for everyone at Purple Turtle Pre-school, Saket Nagar.


Aarav's Mom, Bhopal

I'm so glad that my daughter has developed clearer speech, and better English pronunciation with Purple Turtle Graded Readers. We love the way Purple Turtle introduces English vocabulary words so playfully with simple stories that anyone can read. The Talking Pen is awesome!


Father of Yuliya, Penza, Russia

We think kids will love the fact that Purple Turtle is also a little kid who is just starting to learn about the world, that way they are able to empathize with him and imagine themselves in Purple's place. Purple is funny and has a unique, memorable look.

Julia Kuzmenko

Foreign rights, Eksmo, the Largest children book publisher from Russia

We've seen a video trailer of your Purple Turtle cartoon. Let us say that it looks simply amazing. The characters are so beautifully made and look gorgeous and cute. Wish you luck with the production and hoping to see the series in the future!

Roman Kotkov

Leading editor, Publishing house "Eksmo", Russia

First, the style of artwork is very colorful and therefore appealing to young children. The stories offer different types of characters, which will enable both boys and girls to identify with one of the characters, and it is not that girls will per se identify with the female characters. They can also identify themselves with a character because of them being shy, silly or very energetic.

Nelleke Bruno

Director, Bruno Productions

Kids will love Purple Turtle because of the attractive and colourful illustrations. The way of drawing and its quality give the kids a feeling as if Purple Turtle is going to talk to them. It’s very important to be able to have these points.

Alpay Karaca

Licensing Manager, Kaynak Licensing, Turkey

Purple Turtle is one of the hottest new properties with a very high hit potential. The character design and images are really outstanding and fantastic. We're sure, that once this has been translated into a TV series, a worldwide success is almost guaranteed. Purple Turtle will be loved by all kids and families around the world!

Oliver Helwig

Director, Absolute Licensing Germany

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