Ten Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher

Being a pre-school teacher is being creative. One has to be passionate for children and should be enthusiastic about the little learners’ sense of achievement. Early Childhood Programmes demands for the teacher who has several special qualities. Let’s learn what those qualities are! 

Genuine love for children
Young children are so full of life and energy that in order to match up with that energy level, a teacher has to be vibrant and pro-active. That shouldn’t be for name sake. One should opt to teach young children only when one has genuine love for them.

Well, it is not surprising that a teacher who is flexible and easy to match up with the energy level of children possesses the most genuine love for them! Along with this quality, a generous and patient teacher with a sense of consistency in behaviour is the one with whom the child will always be comfortable with!

Driven by calling
All we have do is to listen to the calling. The reasons people choose a profession of early childhood education is not just for any monetary reward or occupational glamour. A few of the enlightened ones need to make a difference in children’s lives to ensure children get all the opportunities and nurturing they need and deserve! 

Ignite the passion
One should always remember that this is not a career for someone just looking for a job working with kids because they are cute and it looks like fun. This is a career that must ignite your passion.

Be enthusiastic
probably more than anything else, a good preschool teacher should have enthusiasm for children.

Stand for beliefs
Perseverance, dedication or tenacity, whatever the term may be, it actually means to stand for one’s beliefs related with children’s needs or their educational issues. One has to be willing to take a personal interest in each student and their welfare. 

A sound facilitator of learning
A good preschool teacher should have a sound knowledge of the subjects. More importantly, a teacher should know how to deliver the sound knowledge in a best possible way to the students. The learning should smoothly flow towards the children so that the teacher becomes a great facilitator of learning.

Win little hearts with care and warmth
Not to miss that an ideal preschool teacher establishes a caring, loving and warm atmosphere. Knowing that how important the early childhood period is for all the little stars, it is imperative for the teachers to be lovable to all the kids without discrimination. 

Communicate pleasantly
An effective preschool teacher is an effective communicator. Putting across the feelings, emotions, concepts and ideas in a smooth manner helps the teacher keep the interest of children throughout the lessons. She or he also finds new ways to present material to make sure that every child understands the concepts.

Stretch a little
A great teacher can change gears and is flexible to accommodate change in learning styles. Adaptability to change with the changing needs of children is one of the key attributes of an excellent preschool teacher.

Have more virtues
Apart from the qualities mentioned above, a sound educator is a lifelong learner who is competent, patient, organized and hardworking. She or he is not only creative and intelligent, but also tender and strong at the same time!

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