Teachers Rock!! 3 Life Lessons Your Child Learns from His Teacher

Teachers are a gift to this world and there is no denying it. Take any accomplished person in the world and you will see, behind their success is a hard-working teacher. While teachers all over the world, deserve our respect, 365 days in a year, today, let’s learn about how they actually influence our little ones.

The lesson of patience:
If you find it hard dealing with a toddler, couple of hours a day, imagine how hard it is for a teacher who does the same with many. The job demands a great deal of patience. Being around a teacher is therefore, the best conditioning a child can get. Seeing their teacher, they will develop patience and perseverance. These two qualities may not show right away. But, the seed is sown.

Teachers of Purple Turtle preschools go one step further in their understanding of children. They focus on each child, comprehend their needs and custom create a plan that works for them.

The lesson of freedom:
Children grow up really fast. But, their ability to express freely starts early. And, if this is curbed in any way, their freedom of thought is crippled. Thanks to a teacher, children today are encouraged to be curious, to say ‘no’ , in essence, be themselves. The lesson of freedom starts in the classroom and remains close to them for the rest of their life.

Teachers of Purple Turtle preschools believe firmly in this notion and do everything in their power to grant children all the freedom they need to explore their surroundings as well as their personality. Parents too are getting on board and if you want to join in, take a moment to visit, www.purpleturtle.com

The lesson of courage:
In this fast paced life, we as parents forget to teach our children that it is ok to fall, ok to lose, ok to not be the best, all the time. But, teachers play a very important role in helping kids be courageous in their journey towards excellence. As they witness the ups and downs of a dozen children everyday, they know, tiny stumbles are only inevitable and won’t hamper a child’s growth. In fact, they have the opposite effect.

The teachers at Purple Turtle preschools, work together with children by adopting the ‘learn by doing’ approach, where the children experience first hand rather than learning a concept from the text book.
Now you see, how big of an impact teachers can have on a child’s personality. They can literally make all the difference in the world with their presence. Don’t forget to give thanks to this wonderful community. Happy Teachers Day!!

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