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Will virtual learning be the new way of learning?

A day that will go down in history – ‘March 11, 2020’, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. The world hasn’t gone back to what we called the ‘normal way of life’. New trends, behavioral patterns, and social norms have emerged since then to combat the spread of […]

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Purple Turtle Daycare- A home away from a home!

Daycare is a name gaining popularity in our country! It is no different from your own home. Daycare is a protective environment set up by professional caregivers especially to nurture your child. At Purple Turtle, we take responsibility to provide a home as good as your own. The demographics of our country are rapidly changing. […]

Help Your Child Improve Writing Skills

Help Your Child Improve Writing Skills

The first mark our child makes on paper is a surprise. To make them learn writing skills they need  both interesting and visually appealling things that excite them. Then they want to follow, capture or copy those skills. Also, every child takes their own time to develop a skill. Yet we can motivate our children […]