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About Purple Turtle Foundation

Every company has a role to play in the social change of its country. We at Purple Turtle strive to fulfill this role. Purple Turtle supports the education and learning of underprivileged children in various ways.

The main aim is basic skill development at the pre-primary level – reading, understanding, and grasping concepts through our products like Purple Turtle Graded Readers and Talking Pen.

These products are mainly designed for self-learning which is ideal for children without the proper infrastructure to learn. Government Teachers use our products successfully in guiding and helping children learn effectively. Since this teaches the basic concepts, the path to higher learning is easier for the underprivileged section of children who don’t have access.

One such successful effort has been the चलता फिरता पुस्तकालय

Where makeshift classes were organised to help children read and learn. The Talking Pen ignited the curiosity to learn among these children. Within days the chalta phirta puskatkalaya was housefull with budding learners.



Purple turtle Foundation


Apart from education through entertainment – edutainment, we work towards the betterment of underprivileged children’s healthcare.

Apart from the above efforts, the Purple Turtle Foundation with Rotary International’s Rotary India Literacy Mission is working towards providing edutainment content to NCERT for TV Telecast on Doordarshan and the Diksha App.

Through these TV shows we aim to inculcate social and emotional learning. These TV shows can help underprivileged children grow into mentally and emotionally stable individuals

Purple Turtle has joined hands with several NGO’s, Government, and Private Organisations to further our contribution to child development. A few are mentioned below.

Our contribution to child development
  • Rotary International (Rotary India Literacy Mission)
  • Government of Madhya Pradesh (5 Schools in Raisen District and 2 Schools in Bhopal)
  • Turtle Foundation- Germany- Purple Turtle and the Sea Hatchlings title by Purple Turtle whose royalties goes towards funding work for children in need.
  • Muskaan an NGO working in 30 localities of Bhopal in the field of Education.
  • Aadhaar Centre an NGO working with specially-abled children.
  • Parvarish- the Museum School, working in the field of education.
  • Chalta Phirta Pustakalay, Singrauli

Our Pilot Program

Our pilot program

Over the past 2 months, Purple Turtle is pleased to see the interest to learn in many children. Especially the Talking Pen has generated greater interest and curiosity in children. It has also attracted many children who had lost the enthusiasm to learn because of the difficulties they face.

A few successful products launched by us.

  1. Teaching Learning Content (Reach All, Teach All) – Talking Books, TLMs and video content (Animated and live action) :
    • Pre-school books and Work books (Audio and Text) All Subjects (According to National Curriculum Framework for CBSE Schools)
    • Thousands of Worksheets, Flash Cards and Posters
    • Storybooks -Classic Fairytale and Purple Turtle/ Colour Fairies
    • Rhymes English & Hindi (Audio and Video)
    • Graded Readers (English Language Training Program)
    • 700 Mins of Animated Content (Rhymes and Learning Videos)
    • 52 x 7’ Purple Turtle Animation Series (Social and Emotional Learning)
    • Pre Recorded Videos for level -1, 2 & 3