Purple Turtle Worksheets Combo for Nursery (English, Maths & EVS)

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Jumpstart your child’s education with Purple Turtle! With education content in 25+ countries and 3 million+ copies of books sold, Purple Turtle will be your child’s fun buddy introducing learning in the most fun, engaging ways possible. Grab this pack of amazing brain-boosting activities based on solid research and proven pedagogy.

Nursery Worksheets Level-1 (50 worksheets) for 3-4 Year Olds

  • All three subjects that are covered in Nursery: Early Maths, English, General Awareness/EVS
  • International Standards Activity Worksheets: Purple Turtle has a prolific international presence. The worksheets were created based on the material developed for US, UK standards
  • Multiple Skills Development: A variety of activities to develop Fine Motor Skills, Language Development and Cognitive Skills needed for success in school as well as life
  • Treasure Trove of Content & Activities: Bright colourful pages of English worksheets for kids, worksheet for nursery maths, preschool tracing worksheets, worksheets for nursery, colouring pages of animals with loads of fun!
  • Activities focused on building 21st century skills, Critical Thinking, Taking on Challenges, Self-Initiated, Engaged Learning with minimal guidance from caregivers
  • Preschool worksheets age 3-4 worksheets for nursery class with engaging illustrations and easy to follow instructions keep kids busy for hours making learning simple, easy and fun!


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