Purple Turtle smart books have become popular in preschool classrooms providing perfect opportunities to develop multiple skills and talents through interactive learning.

Simple to use for kids and their supervising adults: just download the free “Purple Turtle Smart Books” app on Google Play or iOS App Store, scan the pages of the books with a smartphone or a device with Wi-Fi, and reveal the hidden learning content like magic. Cast on TV to enjoy on big screen!

At Purple Turtle Pre-school, we help kids become active learners using  futuristic resources and technology, allowing them to perform better academically.

PT Smart Books

Features & Benefits

  • Contains pre-loaded educational games and exercises
  • Playful conversations, read-alouds and hours of storytelling
  • Develops reading, analytical, musical, fine motor and technology skills for all-round development
  • Cultivates better pronunciation and listening skills with voiceover from native English speakers
  • Perfect for visual and auditory learning styles

Is your school’s outdated curriculum failing to interest young children? Update your curriculum with Purple Turtle. Our smart preschool coursebooks will engage all kids in learning.
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Purple Turtle Preschool Kit