A Glance at Our Curriculum

Pre-schoolers are curious, inquisitive and full of emotions—ready to take chances and love to be challenged. Purple Turtle offers a balanced, play-based curriculum which safely and appropriately challenges kids ensuring optimal academic, psychological and physical development for every one of them. By making learning fun we help children develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Areas of Development

Purple Turtle Pre-school Curriculum focuses on your child’s key areas of development.

When kids are about 3 to 4 years old, they develop the ability to put sounds together to make words and identify some letters. Pre-writing skills will emerge such as grasping the pencil properly to draw vertical, horizontal lines before writing letters. 3 to 4 year olds love to sing, recite Nursery Rhymes and listen to stories. Purple Turtle Pre-school curriculum follows a phonics-based approach to English language learning. Right from introducing how the letters make words and words make sentences, beginning with simple letter-sounds and strategically moving on to more challenging level of English with Grapheme, Digraph, Blending Sounds and comprehension for kids around age 5-6, we have got it all covered using our rich, stimulating textbooks, workbooks, story books and plenty of award-winning animated stories and rhymes.

With Purple Turtle Pre-school Curriculum, kids begin to count and compare objects, and compare amounts in different groups of objects. They will create patterns, sort objects by texture, size, colour and begin to manipulate beads, buttons, rings, blocks to master maths skills which they will need in kindergarten, primary school and beyond.

3 to 4 year olds are naturally curious, interested in their surroundings to learn about the world around them.To meet their needs, we have created a curriculum to pique their interests in the social and natural world, providing them lots of opportunities to make observations, explore materials, identify differences and similarities in natural phenomena, notice patterns, changes in the environment etc. They plant seeds and watch trees grow. They collect twigs, leaves to study them, make bird-feeders, learn the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, conservation of natural resources and understand how to recycle used items in the classroom and at home.

Kids start to understand what friendship means by the age of 4. They fling their arms around each other and enjoy each other’s company while reading books, sharing meals, and participating in group activities. They also start to identify their own feelings and the feelings of others. At Purple Turtle Pre-school, we encourage meaningful interactions among children, and also teach the value of family, relationships and ways to increase kids’ EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) to grow resilient, confident and emotionally intelligent children who can positively manage their emotions and feelings.

Understanding the need of the hour, in Purple Turtle Pre-school, we also focus on instilling 21st century skills collaboration, communication, problem solving, and creativity through diverse activities which will positively influence their education and career later in life.

When children reach age 4, they start developing signs of fine motor skills, by exercising small muscles of their hands, drawing, scribbling, beginning to write letters. At Purple Turtle Pre-school, we provide kids with ample opportunities to develop their fine motor skills by pasting things onto paper, completing puzzles, lacing, threading beads on strings, managing buttons to work zippers which are crucial for self-help skills as well as handwriting. In our centres, kindergartners (age 5-6) learn to write, sharpen their penmanship skills with hundreds of worksheets filled with lively, fun characters.

At Purple Turtle Pre-school, children have multitudes of activities to develop gross motor skills—walking, running, hopping, crawling freely in the playground, making their large muscles stronger, improving their control over body movements. Developing fine and gross motor skills are important for their play, academic and life skills.

We at Purple Turtle Pre-school believe that character education is more than just slogans. With stories featuring caring, relatable animal characters, we help kids learn what good moral values are and how to live a life based on those values. Original stories from our English Graded Readers and Story Books help children realise how to make good choices in difficult situations and build character with universally accepted core values like Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Fairness, and Responsibility—which will help them get along with their peers. Purple Turtle Pre-school Curriculum offers a rich variety of meaningful character-building experiences for children to help them become good, happy people doing good things in life.

Meet Our Education Board

Purple Turtle Pre-school Curriculum consists of storybooks, animations and games created by world’s leading content creators.


Dennys McCoy and Pamela Hickey, USA


Gail Ellen Skroback Hennessey, USA


Lucas Remmerswaal, New Zealand