Admissions at Purple Turtle Pre-school

Enrol your child today and develop life-long love for learning and exploration with Purple Turtle.

It is with great pride and excitement that we welcome you to Purple Turtle Preschool & Day Care.

5 Reasons To Visit Purple Turtle

  1. Meet our supportive, loving all-female staff
  2. Experience our world-class curriculum in the classroom.
  3. Learn how CCTV monitored play and study areas and non-toxic, child-safe books and toys are made especially for your child’s well-being.
  4. See how happy, comfortable and engaged your child will be at Purple Turtle Preschool.
  5. Feel the joys of watching your child learn essential skills through play.

Doesn’t your child deserve the best?

Programs offered

Programe Age
Play Group  : 1.8-3 Years
Nursery  : 2-3 Years
LKG  : 4-5 Years
UKG  : 5-6 Years

We care for your child

Children at some Purple Turtle centres stay in full day care. Purple Turtle Children’s day care can provide you a variety of child care options depending on the centre in your locality.

Facilities may include full-day care, educational child care, after school-care, drop-in care or extended hours child care after school programs.

Experience the Purple Turtle difference.

  • Brand presence in 25 countries including USA, UAE, China, Russia
  • Multiple preschools and daycare centres across India and Nepal
  • Exclusive educational content from UK and US based writers
  • Multi-sensory educational toys and apps to better your child’s learning
  • Kids get to learn from books that have topped 2+ million copies 
  • Kids learn values and good character traits from original animated stories from Emmy-award winning writers

Admission Open for Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten and FULL DAY CARE for after-school hours.
Due to COVID, all preschools are closed. We are offering digital Preschool classes for your child.

Admission Form