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Will virtual learning be the new way of learning?

A day that will go down in history – ‘March 11, 2020’, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. The world hasn’t gone back to what we called the ‘normal way of life’. New trends, behavioral patterns, and social norms have emerged since then to combat the spread of this highly contagious virus. Among the many new trends that have emerged out of the need to survive is the online mode of learning. Purple Turtle geared up to face this challenge too. The pre-school immediately started training teachers to conduct online classes and the use of integrated learning technology to ensure that this year doesn’t become a lost year in the academic life of their students.

The Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar, surveyed in January 2021 to ascertain if the online mode of education should continue even after the pandemic ends. The research revealed widespread affirmation but with drawbacks.

Face-to-face communication can never be replaced with virtual communication. Therefore, many educationists believe that there should be a mix of online and offline schooling.

The reach of the internet is yet limited. So many sections of society find it difficult to access this mode of education. Therefore, moving entirely to online studying has many constraints. In a country like India Mid-Day meals started by the government encouraged many families below the poverty line to send their children to school. So, the pandemic has led many children to drop out of school after the government suspended regular classes. Technology comes with a price much higher than books and pens. Our country is battling poverty and unemployment. The pandemic has made the situation worse. Considering all these factors, continuing teaching in the same pattern after the pandemic ends may have a fatal outcome.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to supervise young children while they attend online classes. The past year has seen parents juggle between work-from-home schedules and their children’s online classes. This has taken a toll on the physical and mental well-being of many parents.

The benefits of using technology in teaching can’t be denied but at the same time, this can’t be used as the sole mode of communication and learning especially among early learners.

We are also seeing the rise in single-child families. These children need to learn social-emotional learning which can’t happen sitting confined in their homes. School plays a major role in teaching children life skills.

At the same time, the need to use interactive learning tools has become all the more certain seeing the power it holds to teach children more effectively. Many parents have given positive feedback on how Purple Turtle’s edutainment series and videos have made learning easier for their little ones. If educators get more creative and merge physical school with virtual learning, we will create a generation of better skilled and knowledgeable youth. Our country is in dire need of a brain wave that will boost the growth of this country. At Purple Turtle, we recognize this need and are striving to contribute through our well-planned teaching at the pre-school level. It is uncertain when this re-emerging and constantly mutating virus will contain itself. The future holds a lot of uncertainties. Meanwhile, we are prepared to evolve in a way that is best for our students.

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