MX Player Launches Purple Turtle Animation Series Season -1


MX Player is all set to launch ‘Purple Turtle Animation Series Season -1’. Curated by Emmy Award winning authors, Karl Geurs (Disney’s Jungle Book II, Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony), Dev Ross (Rainbow Ruby, Clifford the Big Red Dog), Carter Crocker (Disney, Warner Brothers), Paul Parkes (CBeebies, MondoTV, Cartoon Network) and Phil Harnage (Universal, FOX, Nickelodeon, Saban Brands) these stories reveal the simple joys of childhood.

Purple Turtle is a famous IP owned by Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. The animated series was produced by Manish Rajoria and Ankita Srivastava and directed by Swati Rajoria. This series is specially created for early learners.

Purple is a fun-loving character with wonder and awe for everything around him. Along with him, his friends Roxy the Chameleon, Zing the Rabbit, Melody the Bird, and Tadley the Bear make the adventures all the more thrilling. These characters have the same curiosity that young children carry along.

Through the 52 episodes aired on MX Player children can discover along with Purple and find answers to many questions that pop up in their minds. Purple also encourages children to learn from their mistakes, ask questions and seek answers while they laugh and play. Children gain confidence and determination through these thoughtfully created stories. The colorful images and enchanting backgrounds keep children engaged through the series.

All 52X7 minutes episodes are available on MX player.

The print version of Purple Turtle has received widespread appreciation and sold millions of copies while its animated series has received a similar response.

You can now follow the animated series of ‘Purple Turtle Animation Series Season -1’ along with your little ones on MX player.

Children will experience unexpected joy and at the same time, parents can rest assured that their children are being entertained while learning concepts from their curriculum.