Licensing Opportunities with Purple Turtle

Take your business to new growth avenues with Purple Turtle

We are so excited to be able to offer license opportunities around the world. Purple Turtle animated show is now on Discovery Kids MENA. We have sold several millions copies of Purple Turtle books and have licensed this IP for books, apps, soft toys, bags, kids’ apparel etc. in 25 countries including UK, UAE, Russia, China etc.


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Over the years Purple Turtle books have been licensed to various countries

Prism Books: – Prism is a prominent company in publication and distribution based in Bengaluru. Customers vouch for the quality in Prism’s publishing and services. Customer satisfaction is reflected in the several awards won by the company. Prism is our proud licensee for Tamil, Telegu and Kannada language books of Purple Turtle.


Eksmo, Russia: – With its 30% approx share in the book publishing in Russia, Eksmo is one of the largest publishing houses. Having humbly started as a small book selling company, Eksmo has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the largest players in Russian Book Industry. We are proud to be associated with Eksmo who publish the Purple Turtle books in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.


Snapplify: – In the world of smartphones, apps play a very important role in spreading a brand. Snapplify is our partner in developing Purple Turtle apps for Android as well as IOS platforms.

Vision Street: –  A 60 year-old company based in Florida, Vision Street is a key player in novelty books. Vision Street has taken Purple Turtle license to print books for the USA.

Edituraeduard: – Editora Eduard is a Romanian Publisher who has taken license for Purple Turtle books in Romania.

Website:- www.

Hansawire: – Hansawire is a Latvian publisher who will be publishing Purple Turtle books in Latvia and Estonia.

Creative Visions, Indonesia: –  Creative Visions is a digital marketing agency which will be publishing Purple Turtle books in Indonesia.

Website:- www.

Book Shelf: –  Book Shelf is a leading bookstore located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They offer three languages to the readers, i.e., Gujarati, English and Hindi. Bookshelf will be publishing Purple Turtle books in Gujarati language.