How to Help Children Learn through Technology with Freedom and Responsibility?

My younger sister’s son who has turned 6 this summer is often seen fiddling with her parents’ electronic gadgets. Marooned on the sofa, he gets plugged into his favourite device getting little of the physical activity or the crucial inter-personal interaction. This is the truth of the I-generation which has left me brooding over my times in early 80s when free, uncluttered thinking space to daydream using imagination or observe little wonders such as raindrops moving down a window were not as rare observations as it has become for today’s children.

Has digital revolution changed the way we look at things?
Of course it has! Instead of being plugged into each other’s system of ideas by sharing a book or by writing in each other’s notebooks, or making conversations real while leaning on each other with a human element, our I-generation simply has a value added to the digital world more than the human world.

Technology has become inevitable
In today’s globalized world, integrating technology with education has become the need of the hour. We have the digital platforms to learn, explore and understand the different aspects of education where integrating learning with the virtual world through technology has become inevitable.

Draw a line
Given the fact, can we imagine separating our children from wading through a stack of emails, keeping them away from the endless Twitter feed or accepting Facebook “friends” from across the world when they grow up? The answer is with parents who have to draw a line and let children understand from the beginning the value of technology to be taken with a sense of responsibility.

But how to do it? Some parents are so anxious about the potential dangers of technology that they forbid access to it altogether. Others can’t stop their children from negotiating the world of web to an extent that they fail to curb the dangerous prospects.

There is a middle path
Children will have to learn to deal with the “information superhighway” one way or the other. If they are well prepared and responsible, a treasure trove of wonderful experiences awaits them.

To begin with, we as parents ourselves need to learn that digital information or learning through technology is a safe, constructive and easy if used wisely. The catch is in moderation. The rules can be set to use a gadget. For instance, how and when and why you should allow a child to handle a gadget independently, what are the fair time limits and how you shouldn’t divulge information unless it is supervised by an adult. Answering these questions will help you to clearly think of what exactly you want from your children and from yourselves!

The awareness about understanding technology begins as early as 3 to 4 years. In such a case, go for a high-quality preschool programme that comes with a scaffolding of support for skills, It should offer latest methods of supervised electronic communication content along with the human element to influence most of the skills.

We understand the sensitive role technology plays
At Purple Turtle Preschool, we understand the sensitive role technology plays in influencing young minds. To cater to this need, the Aadarsh Talking Pen is used skilfully to promote the integrated learning under supervision. With its engaging videos and games, Purple Turtle promotes independent learning with a wise use of technology.

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