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Purple Turtle Graded Readers with Talking Pen- The new way to learn English!

After studying in an English medium school, many individuals wonder, “why can’t I speak English well.” This is mainly because the language is not taught correctly at the formative stage of learning. Remember early readers make better learners.

Today, English is a global language. Also, the primary language most of the world communicates in. Higher-level education the world over is in English. As borders melt to create a global economy and trade, the importance of English is unquestionable.

Although it’s never late to learn anything, the right time to learn a language is in the formative years of one’s life. Early readers have better proficiency in the English language. For many in India, English is a second language, not the primary language spoken at home. A language that is mainly learnt and used only in a classroom. This makes it all the more important to ensure that it is taught correctly. English Language Training (ELT) is the need of the hour. Remember unlearning something learned wrong is far more difficult than learning it right the first time itself. ELT ensures the correct application of the language. It provides a structed method for those who are well versed only in regional languages. 

At Purple Turtle, we have realised the importance of this language and thoughtfully created the ‘Purple Turtle Graded Readers with a unique talking pen’– A collection of 3 levels spread across 36 books. These books are based on Lexile measures of preschool children. This is a popular method used to set the level of reading and understanding that a child at a particular grade can cope with. The complexity of the stories is set according to age and past exposure to the language.

It breaks away from the traditional teaching system and creates a more interesting method of learning. The stories in these books are entwined with delightful images and interesting narratives around the main character Purple. They not only lay the foundation for better learning but capture your child’s attention.

The 3 levels ensure step-by-step learning. These books do not bombard the child with words above their level. Our graded readers also meet the score set by Atos standard. So, the length of the sentence, the number of words used, the number of difficult words used, and diversity in vocabulary are suitable for preschool children. Accelerated curriculae generally lead to stunted growth because it frustrates younger children. Therefore, you will notice that once you start with level 1 your child is eager to read the next book.

The systematic learning through these books involve: –

  • Listening skills– The talking pen enables a child to listen with the correct pronunciation. This contributes to a part of unconscious learning. It also lets a child visualise the story. Visualisation is one of the best ways to memorise. These books enhance creativity!  
  • Reading skills– Reading is the only sure short way to pick up a language. While a child starts reading most of the time, he/she needs help in breaking up the words according to phonetics and pronunciations. The talking pen makes this process very easy. This is also very beneficial to parents and families where no one is well versed in English.
  • Speaking skills- Finally, unless you speak you will not gain confidence. How many adults have missed career opportunities because of the inability to confidently speak in English? Instil this confidence in your child at a very young age by encouraging them to repeat after the talking pen.   
  • Writing skills- Once you learn the general rules of grammar and you know how to read and speak the skill of writing will flow naturally.

English is not just a language of the West anymore. It is a mode of communication. Now simply speaking English isn’t enough. Effective communication and usage are important. Through Purple Turtle Graded Readers we ensure the correct and optimal usage of words, sentences, and phrases at the initial stage of learning itself.  This is the best way to learn the English language. Do not mistake this graded reader for another grammar book.  The interesting stories grip a child’s imagination and the colourful images keep a child focused.

With the help of these interesting stories, a wide range of words, synonyms and idioms are taught. In level 1 primary words lead to learning more advanced synonyms in level 3. By the time your child reaches level 3 he/she will be able to use an additional 1000 words in his/her vocabulary.

A well-spoken individual also exhibits an impressive personality. You may think this aspect comes into play only among adults and in the workplace. But the matter of fact is that progress in school is also dependent on the personality of a student. An all-around student is a well-spoken student. Don’t let your child miss out on correct learning! Go ahead and explore the Purple Turtle Graded Reader with a talking pen. This is not just another product but the tool to ensure a successful future for your child.

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