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Purple Turtle Daycare- A home away from a home!

Daycare is a name gaining popularity in our country! It is no different from your own home. Daycare is a protective environment set up by professional caregivers especially to nurture your child. At Purple Turtle, we take responsibility to provide a home as good as your own.

The demographics of our country are rapidly changing. The majority of homes need two incomes to make ends meet. Women are beginning to make a huge contribution to their homes and the nation. Motherhood is not a stumbling block anymore. Women choose both these days motherhood and career. While rearing a child is not restricted to the role of a mother alone, fathers are equally contributing to this role. At the same time, our family structure is changing. The huge joint families that existed once upon a time are rare to spot these days. Grandparents, aunties, and uncles who would generally take care of the little ones at home are missing from the family jigsaw puzzle. Daycare is here to fill in those missing pieces. There are many single parents too. Daycare is a saving grace for these parents.

However, it is not easy for all parents. Many parents and children suffer separation anxiety. Our experts council parents and help them smoothly transit through this stage. Playdates are organized so that parents can meet other parents and share their worries. Over time we have noticed that anxious parents who are reluctant to leave their precious children are comforted when they hear the good experience other parents narrate. 

So, as you will experience at Purple Turtle, Day Care is not just about dropping off your kid at another place. Daycare has many benefits that help growing children. Hygiene is a ‘never compromise’ rule at our daycare. We ensure that the center is well ventilated, clean, and safe for your child. Our daycare provider also keeps children tidy, washed, and neat throughout the day.  We provide a regular schedule for children as small as 6 months. A complete slate of activities from drinking water at regular intervals to eating, napping, and even playing enables better growth. Caregivers observe children carefully and then alter the schedule according to a child who seems uncomfortable or fussy.

In the company of other children many a time the same age, children imitate each other and pick up good habits. We have specially designed cognitive boosting activities starting 6 months of age along with sensory learning. Activities like music, singing, dancing, stories, outdoor play, art make up our day.  Visual display and sensory activities for infants develop their senses, such as sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing.

Children who have spent time at a good quality daycare find it easier to settle in at kindergarten and their learning ability is much advanced compared to those who haven’t been left at daycare. Many parents who have alternatives choose to still drop their children at daycare for a few hours because of the benefits it offers.

Here kids get to spend time with each other under supervised care and constant monitoring. We encourage children to share, play and listen to each other. Children develop social skills which will help beyond school days. A healthy environment is an assurance we give every parent.

Social researchers have noticed that many parents who have taken a break from work because there is no one to take care of their children have poorer mental health and are highly irritable. This state is detrimental to the growth of a child. It is better to leave your child at a good daycare center and fulfill your ambitions. Remember happy parents make happy children.

The arms of our caregivers are no less than those of a parent!

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