Online Learning

Online learning- The world is your classroom!

Digital technology was accessible to a majority of us more than a decade ago but no one had imagined that it will become such an integral part of our survival. Despite a pandemic, many sections of society continue to function because of the parallel world that exists online.

Children with their evolving immunity are most susceptible victims of this virus that mainly attacks the respiratory system. It did not take long for the educational sector to realize that the only way to ensure that children continued to learn and stay safe was to start online classes. The sudden surge in the use of the internet is because of the immense benefits it provides.

Safe heaven under the watchful eyes of their parents, children have shown no aversion to online classes. Parents feel more involved with their children and can monitor their development in the first few years of learning. They can enjoy the journey of learning with their children.

This medium of education has tremendous potential. It has bridged the distance between students and school. Today a child residing in any part of this country can learn from Purple Turtle, books and other learning material is dispatched to the child’s residence. The convenience to learn from anywhere that online schooling offers will surely increase the quality of education in our country.

Online pre-school also saves money spent on bus fees, enabling financially weak families to opt for a better pre-school. While those who choose to skip pre-school can invest in early learning. Cutting down on travel time is also enabling many students to pursue their talents and other hobbies which long hours of school left no time for. Not only is it proving beneficial for families but the world at large is benefiting. The usage of fuel is reduced leaving a lesser carbon footprint on our planet.

E-learning is now recognized as a tool for learning by many governments and is widely used. A child’s horizon of learning is expanding because of the use of integrated learning technology. Recorded lessons that can be accessed anytime, interactive activities and graphics, worksheets, educational videos developed by Purple Turtle are all a part of integrated learning technology. On the other hand, we are training children to use technology at a very young age rather than later on. Inevitably, everyone needs technical knowledge when they enter a workplace. So, why not catch them young and train them.

In a classroom with conventional learning tools, students find it difficult to understand certain concepts. Different online learning tools increase the grasping power of children. At Purple Turtle, we have mindful development of learning aids to ensure that children learn better than what they would have at regular pre-school. Teachers speak to students one on one and solve problems, personalize assignments and provide an extra learning aid for students accordingly.

The pace of learning can be altered according to individual students. Students don’t have to wait for other students to catch up with chapters. Those who are slow learners can take their time. No distraction is present in class with online schooling.

Over the past years, many parents have opted for homeschooling especially at the pre-school stage, while many are planning to do so. With virtual schooling, these parents can offer their children homeschooling with a set curriculum. It works as a two-in-one option.

Virtual schools have also decreased the number of absent days since most children can log into class from home. A rainy day, a sick day and a bus strike is no excuse for missing class anymore.

Children with compromised health systems can benefit from online pre-school since it allows the child to be cared for at home, be medicated on time and continue learning.

Online schooling has many benefits that will emerge as its usage increases. It is a matter of perspective. At the same time, different strata of societies will reap their benefits to progress.  With companies working towards reducing the price of technology and internet providers attempting to reach the corners of our country, virtual pre-school will be in demand.

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