5 Top Children’s Books to Buy in the Great Indian Amazon Sale

The shopping season is in full swing and, this is the perfect time to stack up on some useful and fun learning aids for your kiddos. If you think your child needs something more, something that will trigger his cognitive growth, this blog will give you a sneak peek at what to buy to enhance this growth & imbibe good values in kids at the upcoming Great Indian Amazon Sale.

Talking Teacher:

A teacher in general has a huge influence on a child’s future. Children often try and emulate their teacher, a sign that they consider teachers, their role model. While it is not practical to have a teacher around, 24*7, it is as much fun and interactive to have the Talking Teacher kit in your child’s library of learning tools.

The Talking Teacher is a set of books with smart talking pen that guides your child, motivates him, quizzes him and in essence, opens up a new world of learning.

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Talking Gita:

Speaking of another interactive and intuitive tool for your pre-kindergarten child; the Talking Gita with Magic Pen is an investment in your child’s cultural knowledge. For parents who want to convey the importance of morals and values to their child early on, this book offers the perfect platform.

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Purple Turtle Graded Readers Collection:

For busy bodies and even busier minds, learning needs to happen at a gradual pace so as to fully benefit the child. Be it a story book, an activity book or any book, learning is perceived differently at different levels of comprehension.

To make learning engaging and fun, Purple Turtle has come up with an extensive range of English language training books in the Purple Turtle Graded Reader Book Collection. This is a must-have for any parent who wants to give their pre-school going child, a stress-free reading and learning experience.

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Purple Turtle ‘My First 1000 Words’ Book

A happy child’s vocabulary is ever evolving and books play a huge role in this development and growth. Access to fun and informative illustrations accelerate a child’s learning ability and Purple Turtle’s ‘My First 1000 Words’ book , perfect for ages 3 and above opens doors to many exciting new discoveries.

A book that grows with your child, make sure you get it into your amazon shopping cart right away.
To buy this book, visit https://www.amazon.in/dp/9384362514


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Purple Turtle Practice Writing Alphabet with Chalk Book

We all know pre-schoolers needs a ton of stationery to practice their writing skills. While notebooks are the most obvious choice, Purple Turtle Practice Writing Alphabet with Chalk book can help cut down waste hugely while teaching your child the importance of paper and how we should all strive to use it minimally.

Plus, writing using chalks is always fun.
To shop for this book, click on, https://www.amazon.in/dp/9384362263


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These are the top 5 products that make early childhood learning easy and fun. While they are all affordably priced, you can avail extra savings by shopping for them at the ‘Great Indian Amazon Sale’.


Happy shopping! Let the festivities begin!!

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