5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School

Life has many firsts in it but, the first day of school for a child hands down, features at the top of the list. First day at school is an event in itself as it is a day when tensions run high, anxiety seems to be the underlying theme and expectations are set sky high. Both parents as well as their child go through a multitude of emotions.

After all, it is a huge transition and as we know, any change/transition is usually resisted. So, how do you cope with the anxiety and offer comfort to your kid at the same time while navigating through everyday frustrations? Fret not! The following 5 tips will help you prepare for the big day like a champ!

1. Don’t overthink it!
Yes don’t make it a big deal. The reality is every time you and your child talk about the first day of school or what to do on the first day of school; you are subconsciously building up anxiety. Although your child does not fully understand what going to school will entail, he or she can end up forming a negative image of school. Now, you don’t want that to happen.

So, if you talk about first day of school, make sure you keep the conversation simple. Encourage your child to be themselves on this day. Being themselves will help them get comfortable with new faces and new surroundings.

Also, don’t expect the first day to be the best day in the child’s schooling experience. Chances are it won’t live up to the hype and it is totally ok if it doesn’t. Understand that no matter how much you plan for this day; there are certain things that are not in your control.

2. Talk about the fun things to do at school:
The language of fun is universal among all 3 year olds and this is the language you should be speaking when talking about your 3 year old’s first day of preschool. Purple Turtle Preschool is home away from home because here, every child is given individual attention. It is also a place where kids are guaranteed tons of fun.

‘Learning while doing’ which is the premise of education here, gives teachers as well as students the chance to have fun while learning.
Next time you have a chat with your child about the first day of school; do not fail to mention the gazillion fun things he or she can do.

3. Visit the school beforehand:
It helps if you schedule a school tour with the preschool of your choice beforehand. On this tour, make sure you take your child along with you and talk to him or her as you tour the school.

It also helps if your child gets an opportunity to meet the teacher that he or she will spend time with. This way, on the first day, your child will not feel as alienated as he would otherwise.

Teachers at Purple Turtle Preschool understand that kids take time to get used to their surroundings and, this is why they offer individual attention. Teachers here are parents first and teachers next so, it is second nature to them to think like parents. So, as a parent you can rest your fears knowing that teachers at Purple Turtle Preschools will take very good care of your precious little one.

4. Take something along:
As we know, children crave familiarity when they are put in new surroundings, so it might help to discuss on the topic, ‘first day of kindergarten what to bring’ or what to pack in your child’s backpack. If your child has a special toy, a blanket or an item that he or she carries with them wherever they go, it helps to send it along. Check with the school before you send your child with the item to make sure they are ok with it.

5. Reassure your child:
There is nothing more soothing to a child than a parent’s warm hug or kiss. Anxiety surrounding a child’s first day of school can be reduced to a great extent, if the child is given enough reassurance that the mom or the dad or both will be right there when the child comes back from school.

Once a routine is established, the child will automatically feel more comfortable with going to school. Therefore, reassuring a child is a strong tool that can be used to help a child prepare for his first day at school.

More than anything, it is important to keep in mind that it helps to stay calm and take things in your stride. Your child will seek your support and if you remain calm and composed, he or she will feed off of it and stay calm. Good luck!
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